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The Circus Freak is now available on Wattpad!

Hi, folks!

What about reading a Brazilian thriller that mixes crime procedural and fantasia?!
Let me introduce myself: my name is Leonardo Barros. I am a Brazilian medical doctor and novelist, author of five books published in Brazil and on amazon.com.

At 2010, I decided to translate the novel O Maníaco do Circo – E o menino que tinha medo de palhaços, or, if you prefer, The Circus Freak – And the boy who was afraid of clowns.

The novel tells the story of Renato, a pharmacist young and handsome man, whose childish innocence was maculated by the insanity of a psychotic mother. Domestic violence and a promiscuous environment turn the kind child into a disturbed an aggressive adult.
But Renato seems to have inherited his mother’s schizophrenia. He becomes a missionary serial killer, a kind of assassin that sees in his morbid rituals a divine duty. The story turns even more interesting with the appearance of a criminal nicknamed "Circus Freak" who plagues the city, leaving everyone stunned by his cruelty.

The book is already available on amazon, but I decide to publish it on Wattpad because I am seeking for the feedback of the readers.

Click on the conver below and check out!

Let me know what you think of the story.
For all of you, my new readers, I wish a nice and thrilling experience!

Thank you!

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